UFC 24 Event poster

UFC 24 event poster     UFC 24 event poster. This poster measures approximately 12 by 18 inches. This particular poster was promoting the event and was NOT the pay-per-view poster for UFC 24. The writting on the bottom shows venue location or time the show started. The image on this poster is from UFC 23(Ultimate Japan 2) Kevin Randleman on top of Pete Williams. This UFC 24 event poster is signed by the entire fight card.

UFC 24(First Defense) took place on March 10, 2000 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. There was 7 single fights and a heavyweight title fight scheduled between Kevin Randleman and Pedro Rizzo. While backstage warming up, Kevin slipped on a pipe, fell back, and knocked himself out. He had to be rushed to the hospital and the title fight was cancelled(later rescheduled for UFC 26). Dan Severn was also a guest referee at this event only to referee the preliminary fights(not televised). This event was never released on VHS, only on a DVD set later in 2007.

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